A-1 Air Vent was started in 1980 and is still doing business in the Northern California market.  A-1 Air Vents only focus in the proper service and cleaning of the grease ventilator system of commercial kitchens or all shapes and sizes.

The size of our crews gives us the ability to service properties that are of a size and have a narrow time window for service.  This simply means that we can service the small pizza house on the corner or the large casino up the highway.

In this market A-1 Air Vent partners with several quality manufactures of related products, such as Gaylord Industries, Flamegard Filters and 20/10 Chemicals.  All of these products represent the leaders in the industry & made available
at the local level.

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Our Pledge to you is simple,
if the job is not done to your satisfaction
we will make it right, even to include redoing the job.
Your complete satisfaction is all that maters, you are the boss.

Our goal is to service the customer
right the first time.